Spam Spam Spam Humbug: Episode 10 – Mass Effect 4, Ultima 6 and the Future of the Codex

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Podcast Topic(s)

Mass Effect 4

I was going to talk about some of the recent rumours surrounding the next Mass Effect game — which I’ll refer to as Mass Effect 4 here even though that evidently isn’t what it will be called. Yeah, it’s not Ultima-related…but Mass Effect 4 does have, as its lead designer, a certain Mr. Ian Frazier…whom I hope we all recognize as Tibby, the project lead for Ultima V: Lazarus (which we still need to do an episode about at some point).

Ultima 6

I think it would be appropriate to have an Ultima 6-focused episode and discussion with the entirety of the SSSH team, so I won’t give too many thoughts on the game proper. But there are a few thoughts I wanted to share in light of this discussion about the game, and its 25th anniversary, on the Ultima Dragons Facebook page.

In Other News

The Future of the Codex

Having been in Houston all week, I didn’t take the time to keep up with all of the various podcasts I listen to. Among others, I follow several of Father Roderick Vonhogen’s podcasts (see: SQPN); if you saw the YouTube video of the priest geeking out over the new Star Wars trailer…yeah, that’s him.

So anyway, in the latest episode of his weekly The Break podcast, he got to talking about a book called The Founder’s Dilemmas, by Noam Wasserman, which deals with the questions faced both by those who are about to start a new venture, and also those who must discover what to do to keep their venture going once it finds its footing. The big questions he highlighted as being topics of the work include asking what was our initial mission?, where are we now?, and where are we going?

I’ve been asking myself these questions a lot of late. So I thought I’d muse about them, and offer some attempts at answers, in this episode of the podcast. The result was rather more raw than I expected it would be.

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Crash Landing, from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.

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