Spam Spam Spam Humbug: Episode 12 – I Suppose We Should Talk About E3

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Sergorn Dragon and I have this thing we do every year, just before the first-day EA showcase at E3: we each pick odds that a new, single-player Ultima game will be announced. Over the years, we’ve broadened this category a little bit: we’re not necessarily asking for a BioWare-level AAA cinematic experience, after all. It would be perfectly fine with us if EA took a page from Ubisoft and had a smaller indie studio do a new Ultima title that aimed to check off all the classic features of that series that fans have been missing in games ever since. (Ubisoft, as you’ll recall, did exactly this with Might & Magic X, which was developed by Limbic Entertainment; the result was pretty great, all things considered.)

EA, of course, continues to disappoint in this respect…and to be fair, the general consensus seems to be that their presentation at E3 this year was a disappointment overall. That said, they — and the other publishers at the Expo — did announce a few interesting things, so let’s take a look at those.

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